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 Providing professional, confidential services for adults in Bend, Oregon and nationally

Are you tired of going over and over old stories 
in an attempt to heal them?  

In this culture, we highly honor the rational, analytical mind. Sandtray Journeying accesses the space between worlds, your human and divine Self, and the wisdom and magic that is within you. I have been personally and professionally engaged in these journeyings for many years, and it is still difficult to find words to convey their wondrous gifts.  Perhaps these pictures will help!  Glimpse the incredible potentiality of your creations in the above Sandtray photo of a piece of one of my own journeys. 

                                      Here is a photo of the Sandtray Journeying room.

With my support, intuitively create your world of the moment in the tray and let it sing to you. Then I will accompany you on a journey into that creation in order to heal, transform, integrate, shift the energies, the stories. You can release the past and access new guidance of what is waiting to be embraced. 

I have been involved with Sandtray Journeying for more than 25 years, and I have seen its gifts for many clients. Your guidance is within you, waiting to be revealed, moving your stories, taking you into the heart of your being.

As a support for you, I bring my own experience and intuition and offering safe, sacred, honoring space in which you can explore. You will have the opportunity to deepen your spiritual journey and integrate it into your whole life, learning to honor who you truly are.

        Shamanic Sandtray Journeying: 
Gateway to Inner Awareness 
and Transformation

 c. Barbara S. Stott  2008

Services are available for individuals, couples, and groups.  .  

“As a participant in many sandtray journeys with Barbara, I have found them to facilitate my healing and evolutionary processes very quickly! The magical levels of energy transformation is not easily put into words, but it is simply like a child playing in the sand, playing out the characters of their life with imaginary figures to come to a peaceful whole solution for themselves. I highly recommend these journeys to anyone wishing to easily transform all that is no longer working in their lives, into movement that supports the soul's longing!” – A. Parker
The path unfolds from your own deepest knowing.  

On their quest for the Grail, the knights “...entered the forest at the point that they had chosen, where there was no path. If there is a path, it is someone else’s path, and you are not on the adventure.” - Joseph Campbell