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Comments from Pilgrimage Participants

"The Pilgrimage is a sacred journey toward yourself. The journey begins with understanding what your inner child goes through on a daily basis, and then you meet your inner critic who is actually just a manifestation of your inner child who is trying to protect herself. When I realized that my inner critic was trying to help me, I was able to send it love and compassion in a way I had never felt before. It was deep mothering peace that I could finally provide my inner child and inner critic. 

This knowledge alone was deeply transformational. But it doesn’t stop there. That’s just the beginning. There’s a divinity within you that wants to give you guidance, but you’ve been so distracted with this little girl-inner critic dance that you haven’t been able to clear space for your own divine wisdom, called the inner twin. 

Developing relationships with all three of these energies has helped me to understand what it means to truly honor my Self and how to do it every single day. I am grateful for the Pilgrimage to help me find a new foundation for spiritual and emotional healing and growth."

".... In my many years of searching to know myself, counseling, and self-help books, I have gained insight and have been able to pick up a few tools to put in my box to help me. However, The Pilgrimage has really opened my eyes and given me an understandable, practical way to apply the tools I learned and to know when to use them. When I apply them, I can noticeably see the difference....As a result, I can see my life growing more healthy and vibrant.

I recommend this course to every single person who wants to understand what the 'love yourself' term means and how to really do it. I am now more able to understand the how and why of past behavior, how to change patterns, and how to be me."

No Pilgrimages are currently being scheduled.  Look for a book on this subject to be published when Barbara has finished writing it.