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Want to develop your intuition and learn about the cards? 
Register for one of my Ten-Week Tarot Classes.

Enjoy this recording of my radio appearance on 
Clear 101.7 FM on October 31, 2012.
Many have been fascinated by the tarot.​  
The cards are filled with ancient symbols from many spiritual and cultural traditions, including Christianity, the kaballah, alchemy, 
and mystery schools from a number of cultures.

The Tarot Cards are a tool for guidance on your life path.  We all have the wisdom in us, the deep knowing of what we need to know and do, but we do not always know how to access that information nor do we always trust it.  

A tarot reading provides that information that resides in each of you. 
Often seekers will tell me that I am not telling them anything that they did not already know.  
The cards are validating and clarifying that knowing.

You may ask any questions about your personal, professional, or spiritual life.
You will receive guidance and insight as we explore the infinite possibilities of your journey.  
You are, after all, the creator of your own path!

Birthday Readings are also available, 90-minute readings that offer guidance for your new year, with wisdom for each month of your year.

To schedule a reading, contact me via email or phone.  
Check the Contact and Payment page for details.

If you live in Central Oregon, you can meet with me at my office in Bend. 

Want to have me offer readings at a gathering? Give me a call. 

Phone sessions are also available by appointment for those who do not live locally.