Barbara S. Stott LLC


The Tarot Cards are a tool for spiritual guidance on your life path. 

Gateway to Inner Awareness and Transformation

Your inner guidance wants to take you into the heart of your being.

Deepen your spiritual journey.  Honor who you truly are!

You intuitively create your world of the moment in the tray 
and let it sing to you.  
Then I accompany you on a journey into that creation to heal, transform, integrate, and shift the energies and stories.  

You can release the past and access wisdom 
about what is waiting to be embraced. 

As support, I bring my experience and intuition and safe, sacred, 
honoring space in which you can explore. 

​Email me on the Contact Page to talk about scheduling a journey.  
These sessions are offered at my home office.

Brief Tarot Readings held at Tah.Lume, 1221 NW Hwy. 101, Suite A, Lincoln City, OR, Friday through Sunday, 11-3.

One-hour tarot readings and two-hour birthday readings available at my home office and on Zoom by appointment.

Email or text me for details and to schedule. Drop-in's also allowed at Tah.Lume.

                        The image here is from the Universal Waite deck.