Barbara S. Stott LLC


A Journey of Discovery

Many moons ago, traveling deeply into my own healing path, I discovered the power of imagination and intuition. Through these experiences and others, I began to uncover the gold that is hidden in the shadows of our wondrous selves!  

What awaits your discovery as you open the hidden recesses of your being and discover what is waiting for you there?

My voyage of discovery continues as a commitment to live my bliss and to accompany other Sister and Brother Explorers into your own authentic being. 

Experience as Counselor and Teacher

After completion of an M.Ed. in Counseling and postgraduate studies at the University of Virginia and six years of supervised counseling experience, I earned a Virginia LPC license in 1995 and established a private practice, offering counseling services for individuals and couples. After moving to Oregon in 2000 during a huge shift point in my ife, I added Oregon licensure.  In 2014, after 19 years as a psychotherapist, I was called to release all my licenses and national certifications and embrace my offerings as a spiritual guide and energy healer, a pathway that had been unfolding for many years.  

Opening to a Deeper Walk with the Sacred

When I first moved to Eugene, Oregon, I found a Sensei and spiritual teacher and became a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, tarot reader and teacher, and ceremonial leader. As I continued to open my own life to a deeper connection with the sacred, I moved to Bend, Oregon, where my offerings include tarot, Shamanic Sandtray Journeying, Energy Healing (including Reiki, sound, mineral healing, and Messages from the Ancestors, Goddess Sister ceremonies, and many classes and workshops.   

I am blessed to be a support and guide for those who are seeking access to their intuitive wisdom, healing, personal power, and passion. Many of us are exploring our deep connection with the Sacred in ourselves and in all things. I offer spiritual support without having an agenda of a particular spiritual path. In our uniqueness, each of us will unfold our intimate connection with the Divine.   

Long-Distance Services

Clients who do not reside in this area may wish to consult with me. I offer long-distance services such as tarot readings, Reiki, and spiritual guidance. Contact me to schedule a session.   

Sharing My Journey

~Swimming Lessons: One Woman's Journey to a New Life~

My first book was published in 2014, a book of poetry from my journals.  I am sharing much of my writing during a time of so much mystery and transformation in my life, hoping that it will support and inspire each of you as you seek your own unique path to passion and a deep spiritual connection. The book is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.  I also sell paperbacks at the book signings and readings that are being offered in Bend, Oregon.  Check it out! I am excited to share it with you!.

I Lick My Skin

I lick my skin in the summer night,
and it tastes like the sea.
How is it we say we came from earth?
“Dust to dust,” the Bible says.
What if we rose from the sea?
Creatures of the deep,
flowing onto dry land,
even our tears, remnants of our briny births,
carried behind our eyes
until the world is too much for us,
amniotic fluid coursing to our hearts.