Barbara S. Stott LLC


Tarot Readings at The Crystal Wizard in Gleneden Beach, OR
Saturday, March 9, 11:00-4:30
Contact me to reserve a time. 

Tarot Readings at The Red Cock Artisan Marketplace
in Lincoln City, OR
Contact me to reserve a time.

Creating Sacred Space in Your Home and Office
at the Red Cock Artisan Marketplace,
1:00-3:00 pm
Suggested Donation $10-20
Stay afterward for free consultation as you shop for purchases for creating your own sacred space.

Tarot Readings at the Lincoln City Holistic and Metaphysical Fair
at the Red Cock Artisan Marketplace
Enter a drawing for a free one-hour tarot reading
available by phone or in person.

Stay around for a free class, "Empath Survival Strategies."
Time to be announced.

​I look forward to your joining me for some of these events.

Individual services are available by appointment 
for phone and in-person sessions.